Re: VST support

So, it’s been about 2 months since I have checked, but I still see no VST version of Synthesizer V out there. and that’s weird since I checked the Twitter 2 months ago and they said that it would be up by September 4th. can someone please link it to me?

VST support is in PRO only afaik. :wink:

It’s real cool this time around. Instead of a stub and two matching ports (i’m still in therapy about this) The whole program runs in your daw like a vsti - cool stuff.

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This is the only current thing that makes me want to upgrade to pro. I’m still going to wait for commercially usable English voicebanks though.

But being able to use it as a normal VSTi in a DAW is almost worth the price right now. No one using a real DAW (which is pretty much everyone making actual music) wants to use Studio to manage multiple tracks and tempo control - that’s what the DAW is for.

Assuming Studio correctly handles timecode and tempo changes in the DAW, of course.

Be advised however that like the original synthv, the new version is still limited to Reaper for bidirectional song position and start stop. Still, the whole of the program window in a vst is nice. Thanks Kanru.

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Ahh, good to know, thanks! Reaper is what I use so yay for me, sucks for Ableton or Logic folks though :slight_smile:

Does the above mean that unless you use Reaper, then you cannot start/stop your DAW with the start/stop buttons on the Synth V VST?


I use CbB and yeah you have to start stop click where you want in the daw to navigate unless you use Reaper.

Kanru has been advised to consider ARA support which will give the proper information to SynthV so it can command the daw’s transport like melodyne can. This would permit Cakewalk, Studio 1 and any other DAW that supports ARA to be included in the fold.

Note that I am just a peasant like y’all here.

Naive question maybe, but why would you want Synth V to control the DAW? I would basically want it to just be a single track voice player completely controlled by the DAW, with a separate instance running per vocal track in different tracks in the DAW, like any other virtual instrument. A lot more flexibility that way around effecting individual tracks, etc.

This is essentially what I do now, except I have to export the track from Synth V first and add it to the DAW in a track, and hope Synth V’s BPM is accurate enough.

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It’s just way more fiddly without it. With that you can forget about the daw and just work in synth v and the daw will follow you around providing the backing tracks to the singer you are editing.

It might be enough to move me to reaper.

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Ahh, that makes sense, thanks.

I really like Reaper. It does lack some of the user-friendliness of Ableton or Logic, but makes up for it by being more of a power-user tool once you get in to it. And you can’t come close to it for the price.