SynthV or Synth Studio Pro - which is better? (sorry! I'm new in vocal synth...!)

I’m a jazz pianist, teacher and a producer. A weeks ago I downloaded Emvoice One (Lucy) and recently I’m testing the Synthsizer V Studio (Basic) and Eleanor.
I love Lucy and I love Eleanor Forte too.
Ok guys, Which is the best editor to compose / produce my music?
1 - Synthsizer V Studio Pro?
2 - Synth V ?
3 - Emvoice One?
… or others?

Please let me know your opinions!
Thank you in advance,

If you want VSTi you need SynthV Studio Pro, or you can use SynthV R1,
If you can use standalone editor without connect to DAW,
than SynthV Studio Basic should better than SynthV R1 in some way.

Eleanor herself was almost same as above .

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Hi friend!
So the Synthsizer V Editor is a VST plugin, right? Is he also a standalone editor?
Is the Synthsizer V Studio Pro also a VST and a standalone editor?

As I said before, I use the synthsizer studio basic with Eleanor Forte (Lite).
What are the differences between the synthesizer V studio Pro and Studio Basic? I refer to the parameters for editing, number of tracks and everything! And about the differences beetween Eleanor “Lite” and “Full”?
Thank you in advance and apologize for so many questions!
Thank you!

Right now what I’ve been doing is using Notion 6 to write the vocal tune using a simple vocal “Ooo” for the sound. I transfer the MIDI into Synthesizer V, assign the words and then bounce the vocal to a .wav and import it into PreSonus Studio One 5 Pro (SOP5). If I written any other instruments in Notion while I was putting together the vocal, they also import into SOP5. I then do my production work and when I have it to a point where I’d like to get feedback I can publish directly to SoundCloud from SOP5. I started as a brass player at a young age, 5, and played until after high school at which time I started playing bass guitar and picked up a little on keys. Over the past few years I’ve taken quite a few courses at Berklee online so now I write my own music. EDM, neo-classical and have started work on a musical tragedy which is where I’m using Synthesizer V. I’m kind of at a standstill until I get a English male voice.
Sorry for the length of the post, I can get a little wordy!
Joe B


Personally, I like the synthetic quality of SynthV, and it has more adjustability.
SynthV is a stand-alone editor with both basic and professional versions.
The professional version will touch the limits of 3 tracks in the Basic Edition, using all CPU core renderings, and providing VST3/AU plug-ins.
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Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社
The professional edition unleashes the full power of Synthesizer V engine.
Experience extremely fast and responsive interactions with the Live Rendering System scaled up to all CPU cores.
On the audio side, enjoy the “Aspiration Output” render option that separates the airy part from singing voices, an aspect that directly benefits from our latest breakthrough in voice modeling technology.
Small buttons with big impact - the alternative pronunciation switches in Note Properties panel opens up new dimensions to get the voice sounding the way you want.

All these new features are united and made even stronger by the scripting system.
In a few lines of Lua or JavaScript code, extend the editor, automate your workflow in your own unique setup.

Hi Joe B,
thanks for your explanation, I believe you are a professional musician and composer!
I’m an old pianist / orgnist and I’ve already 65 years old, so I only want to play at home and writte some music to my youtube channel.

When I heard for the first time synthsizer voice apps I was surprised!
So, I tested some apps like Vocaloid, Emvoice One and Synthsizer V Studio basic + Eleanor and other synths.
For my old hears, It seems to me that synthsizer V is the better, what you think about?
I’m writting my first tune with a digital voice… (strange!), but I like the idea!

Anyway, I don’t understand yet the prices of some similar software! For example:

  • synthsizer V Studio basic is freeware!
  • synthsizer V Studio Pro costs about 70 or 80 € …
    what is the difference between them? (parameters, nº of tracks and so on?)
    Same happens to the voicebanks:
  • Eleanor Forte (Lite) …is freeware;
  • Eleanor Forte (Full) I don’t know the price yet!
    There are differences between them too?

(Sorry the biiiiiiiig post!!!)
The second app / voice I liked was Lucy from Emvoice One, but it cost a lot of money!
I’m trying to avoid VSTs…, I prefer writte the music in my IPad (Garage Band) or in BIAB 2020 and edit the melody voice in a standalone app like synthsizer V Studio!

Sorry waist your time… thanks for your great help!
Pease: visit my youtube channel at:

lang: eng

Hi friend!
I think I already understood the differences between the V Studio basic synthsizer compared to the Pro version:

  • Synth V Sttudio Pro has the standalone version plus the VST plugin. It also has more tracks, a better engine, editor and is faster and lighter to process, right?
    It seems that editing the voice is even better, but I still have a question:
  • what is the best version of Eleanor Forte to work with the Pro version?
    I have Eleanor Forte (Lite), does it work well with SynthV Studio Pro?
    Thank you very much in advance,


Now that’s funny!~ We’re both the same age. It looks like Vocaloid 5 is the EXPENSIVE offspring of Synthesizer V. For me the VST IS what’s important and you can only get that with Synthesizer V Studio Pro. But I also won’t make the move to but V Studio Pro until there is a male voice available. Vocaloid 5 already has a male voice, actually 2 if you want to spend the extra bucks. I’m using the vocals from Kontact as placeholders for my male voices. I have a song posted on my soundcloud account ( where I used Eleanor as a soprano and an alto voice. Not bad but with all the software tools I’ve got for vocals I want to work on giving the voices more body.
Unfortunately I lost an entire score to my waltz Desert Winds IV Desert Rebirth so I’m in the midst of rewriting it. I have checked out your lessons on you tube so your videos will be helpful to my efforts. And don’t feel you’re wasting my time. I like talking to musicians my age. My wife wouldn’t know a G-Clef if it bit her on the butt and I gave up trying to teach her about the spots, as she calls them, on the staves. Keep on doing your thing and always feel free to ask about any software. I’ve acquired a ton of it over the years! Especially Native Instrument stuff…

Joe B

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Whoops, the song with the voices is CW2 Different Worlds SV


Many people have the need to connect to DAW through VSTi plug-ins, which require the purchase of a Professional version.

There’s also a basic version that restricts the editor to only 3 tracks (including accompaniment tracks), so if you have more than 3 tracks you’ll need to buy a Pro version, otherwise it’s enough to use the Basic version.

One feature I think is useful in the professional version is the Alternative Pronunciation (DFLT) button, which lets you switch editors to more appropriate pronunciation. Of course, some people think the default pronunciation is very nice, do not need this function.

The paid version of Eleanor Forte is not yet available, it should be released in the future, and I’m looking forward to it.

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Good news Joe!
I began to play bass and lead guitar in 70’s, but my love instrumento was the Hammond! In 1975, I went to study piano in the High School in my town! Im 1976 I began playing Hammond organ on a Rock progressive Band and didn’t stop anymore! I studied Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Bob James and many others, but I play a lot of Emerson, Lake & Palmer!!!
In 80’s I studied with a great portuguese piano player - Mário Laginha! He still is one of the great jazz pianists in Europe!
Its good speak with a person like you, man! Here in Portugal, there are a lot of great musicians, but not in my small town!
I teached harmony for more than 30 years and nowadays some great young jazz pianists had study in my school!
As I said before, now I love to play on my acustic pianos, Hammond organ and on my digital piano Yamaha P255 connected to my IPad. The piano sound I love playing is the Ravenscroft 275 that I have installed on IPad (you can hear it on my videos).
All my compositions were composed for jazz trio’s - Hammond, Tenor saxophone and Drums / Acoustic Piano, double bass and drums. The vocal synths are very good toys to create singing melodies (a thing that I never ever made!). Now I’m learning to use that “gear” with you!

Thanks for you kindness …
We get in touch!
(sorry my bad eng)


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thanks a lot for your great help! You had show me all important differences between Studio Pro and Studio Basic.
So, If I buy the Pro version I can Use Eleanor Forte (Lite), right?
Thanks again,
PS: I’m trying to find the Studio Pro to buy,!


Yeah, Eleanor Forte (Lite) is available in both the basic and professional versions. You can refer to the purchase information for the professional version at the bottom of the official website.
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Stranger and stranger!!! I spent about 12 years lugging B3s and their Leslie speakers around. I was a “roadie” for like 14 years, taught myself electronics and worked at RCA Solid State, starting as a Jr. Lab Tech and teaching myself how to get to Test Area Manager. But the love and fascination of music has kept my mind aglow.I recently told some friends and my wife that if things turned out a certain way I’d move to Spain and hang out in a village playing with the local musicians, living in a nice little villa on the coast of the Mediterranean, writing music on the beach. The fantasies of being financially challenged have always kept me wishing for something a step too far.
But my all-time favorite “wished I had kept at it…” was learning to play an old style 64 foot wooden bass pipe church organ. Nothing like the low frequencies to waken the soul of Man. Sorry for waxing poetical, but would be very interested in an opinion of my musical tragedy and anything you’d like to share of your musical thoughts.


Joe B

Ok, thank you for your help!, but I also need to know if the Eleanor Forte (lite) woks well with the synthsizer V Studio Pro version!
And I would like to know too which differences have version Lite compared to version Full!
Thanks again,

I am an introverted person and I like to be in my “place” and enjoy life this way!
I play when I’m feeling to playand not when someone wants it, do you understand? I live in a simple apartment with my wife and I have a place where are my instruments to be played by me from time to time!
As you can imagine, I’ve played with great musicians, but today that is no longer important to me … I enjoy listening new generation musicians from styles like like hip hop, Soul and World music. I like music more and more with sound environments rich in timbres, like oriental music!

Bass is the most important because it completes the sound spectrum. If you only have medium and low sounds, that’s fine, but if you have medium and high sounds, the music is not there! Something is missing … passion, body, I don’t know!
The music that comes from God is serious, round with the full spectrum. But its grandeur comes from the low sound! Maybe that’s why I fell in love with the Hammond organ at the age of 15!

Anyway, I love the sound of the piano, because it has a body, although different! But I like the solo piano!

Music on the spiritual plane is of great importance …, we are all influenced by the Cosmos when we compose something important!
Best …
lan: eng

No matter what version you’re using, the experience is similar between versions, just the difference between editor functionality and voicebank performance.
Simply put, the SynthV Studuo Pro version has more features than the Basic version, and the voicebank Full version has more singing performance than the Lite version. _(:з)∠) _
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Since I’ve retired very little holds my interest but music. When my friends ask me if I’d like to sit in I do. but I don’t go chasing gigs. For me when I’m not writing or playing I also check what new music is out there, but when I truly want to relax I put on Mozart’s 2 piano concertos. No matter how many times I’ve listened to them I always bring a new thought away. They are also what I listen to when I swim and workout.
Have a great day and be safe!
Joe B

Whoops, bad phrasing; Mozart’s concertos for 2 pianos. He wrote a lot more than 2


Hi friend!
That’s exactly what I was thinking!
Therefore, the ideal is to buy the Studio Pro version and the Full voice version.
So I will have to compare the total price of Studio Pro + Full Voice with other software on the market, right? That’s why I asked you!
For me, Lucy from Emvoice One is the best voice on the market, but I didn’t like the editor (I downloaded the demo)! I prefer an editor with the standalone option. On the other hand, I almost couldn’t even write a note on Emvoice! I don’t like its architecture!
I prefer Vocaloid, although I don’t like the voices very much (but they have a lot of English voices, that’s very good!)

After all this, I have to think and listen to a lot of opinions while working with the basic version of SynthV Studio!
Many thanks for your help which was excellent!

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