Want to buy for future Eleanor, can I use V1 while I wait?

License question. I am new to SynthV.

I want to buy a license of the latest SynthV but V2 Eleanor isn’t really available and she isn’t up to V1’s sound yet.

If I buy the new version (hoping for an eventual release of Eleanor), am I licensed to use the V1 Eleanor while I wait?

Thanks, Eric

I had V1 installed when I installed V2 Pro.
On at least one occasion I have accidentally started V1 because the icon was on the desktop and force of habit made me click it. V1 started ok and without any errors but that’s as far as I ran it because I started it when I meant to run V2

The second generation and the first generation are licensed separately and cannot be licensed downwards. Eleanor can only wait for the official commercial release.
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Thanks for the responses. :sunglasses:

It’s a bummer. I don’t like buying old V1 software, when the next gen of V2 is already on the horizon. But Eleanor is the only choice for the 20% of the world that speaks English :disappointed_relieved:

Have to think about it. :thinking:

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