Installing vst on linux with wine.

I was able to install SVS Pro under wine. The standalone runs ok.

Two issues.

Trying to update from 1.04… Says 1.08 is available. When I git update, I see a progress bar go to 100% but the number remains at 1.04.

More critically… I can’t find the vst3 in /Program Files/Common Files/VST3/

Any ideas what might be up? Is there any word on a Linux native vst plugin?

Currently, VST3 and AU plug-ins are only available in Windows and macOS.
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Yes, I’m trying to install the Windows vst3 with wine.

Thank you for the zip. I’ll try that now. Maybe it has the vst3?

I can’t find the .vst3 dll file in the directory where it is supposed to be.

The link above is the basic version… :sweat_smile:
At least Professional version 1.0.6 is required for the VST3 plug-in
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Is there anyway to get a link to the Pro version of 1.0.8?

I currently have the Pro version installed 1.0.4, but it doesn’t seem to actually update when I hit update and it doesn’t make the vst3 file when it does.

Try looking for an installation package, and the Windows version of the update package should be in %userprofile%\Documents\Synthesizer V Downloads
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That helped.

Had to set winecfg windows version to 10 in order to install (installer gave an error with the default Windows 7)

Seems to be working so far on linux!

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