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I want to get the studio Pro version + Eleanor’s voice. How can I do it? The process is extremely confusing and Eleanor’s voicebank seems to be unavailable at the moment.

I would appreciate if somebody could tell me where to get some info on this.


Yes, It’s just terrible. I just went through the ANiCUTE website. I still don’t know if I ordered it or not as the site crashed when returning from paypal. No money has left paypal but I do have an order confirmation e-mail. I think it’s just the demo voice ATM.

The Lite version of Eleanor Forte for SynthV Studio is currently available for download:, the paid version will be released in the future.
For SynthV Studio editor, please refer to the purchase information at the bottom of the official website page:
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Hi, Yes we’ve found that. It’s what happens after that is the problem. I’ll try to explain, which I wouldn’t normally do as it takes time. I do like this product though and I want you to be successful, so here it is.

First we have 3 options, but we don’t know the best option for buying in English. We can discount mainland china though. so we go to option 1 !-Annotation%202020-11-29%20115218-2|685x266 would not let me post 2nd image.
but this only shows in Japanese! so we give up and go for option 2. !-Annotation%202020-11-29%20115218-3|690x366would not let me post 3rd image. this does display in English but purchase is in Taiwan dollars. There is a setting to display in US and Euro (no option for UK) but the purchase has to be done in NT$ in the end. Westerners are very nervous about purchasing in unfamiliar currency, due to online fraud.
At every point along this journey people are just going to give up and not ever make the purchase, which I feel is a real shame. The answer to this is a direct link to the best option for English speakers and also pay in US/Euro/UK, without this you are going to lose sales. Hope this helps.

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In fact, AHS actually has a digital version of the sales page,
and seem to support credit cards and dollar payments, but I guess a lot of friends can’t find them.
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ダウンロード購入|購入する|AHS(AH-Software) (

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If I use the link on your site I end up here:
And I can’t read it, so I can’t complete the purchase. It needs to be really simple or people will just give up.

You can buy it directly by pressing the blue button, hoping it will helpful _(:з)∠) _.
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Thanks, I have bought via ANiCUTE. These posts relate to other users. I think you have a problem and I think it will affect sales. I would suggest that you update your links on you website so that English speakers can purchase easier, it might need a little redesign but hopefully you will get more sales. I hope it goes well.


I know, that’s insane :exploding_head:

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unfortunately it doesn’t look like that when purchasing from overseas, I need to register a new account to purchase SynthV and on the registration form there is no option to choose a country of origin other than Japan, there is only a list of prefectures from Japan and unfortunately it’s one of the mandatory parameters, how should I purchase SynthV when I cannot even register on your shop?

See if you have chosen the boxed version, which is only supported for mailing in Japan.
You should choose to buy the download version.
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(By the way @runningonair let him know about it.)

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thanks for the help, I finally got my copy over Anicute and everything seems to have worked fine now