A few questions regarding Synthesizer V

Hi, Dreamtonic forum, I just registered and I have a few questions regarding Synthesizer V.

Recently I found out about the different types of Vocal synthesis programs and the overall path has led me here.

I use cubase 11 in OSX 10.14 and from what I understand I need the pro version of Synthesizer V to use it in a DAW as a VSTi plugin is this correct?

How does it sync, if for instance in cubase I have multiple tempo changes and multiple time signatures, is this reflected in Synthesizer V as well? Or do I need to manually input time signatures and tempo changes in Synthesizer V?

Do the transport/playback controls work in Synthesizer V in tandem with Cubase 11 and vice versa?
I read a post on here and I think someone mentioned it does not.

And if I go for the starter pack which I believe comes with Saki it also mentions that you get a coupon for an additional singing voice. How long does this coupon last? Could I wait until Eleanor forte is released and use the coupon then?

Does Eleanor lite have a recommended tempo and pitch? I can’t seem to see her voice bank details as she currently is not released.

Thanks for your time

I can’t speak to Cubase specifically, I use Reaper.

I wouldn’t count on VSTi workflow to be ideal. The workflow is still pretty firmly “create your instrumental in another DAW, and the vocal in Synth V”.

Transport/time line sync…kinda works in Reaper. Again, it might not work at all in Cubase.

If you have a lot of tempo changes, it’s best to export those to a midi, which SynthV will pick up just fine.

Coupons depend on the particular seller/website. Eleanor is not officially released, so there’s not much info. Though her demo voice is pretty good! Just use a demo version to see what pitches and tempi sound good to you.


Hi, thanks for the reply bellerandre I really appreciate it.

I downloaded the Synthesizer basic version with Eleanor Forte yesterday. I have used it for about 1 hour.

I tried exporting a midi test track like you mentioned and the midi file has multiple time signatures and tempo changes into Synthesizer V basic and it did not go how I thought it would. The time signatures never showed up and the tempo shown, is shown inside the bars in the arrangement widow that to me is not very clear at all, it’s really confusing in fact. It is a similar thing that happens in sibelius 6 when ever a tempo change occurs it would appear as a number above the bars.

Also from that test I believe I would manually have to add in the time signatures into Synthesizer V’s arrangement window to match my DAW.

Another thing is I use negative bars in cubase a 2 bar pre-count that is how I setup my projects so nothing even lines up because negative bars don’t seem to be a thing in Synth V basic. In this test instead of starting at bar 3, the melody starts at bar 5

If I purchase the PRO version will it be any different as a VSTi instrument?

It should sync but then will Synthesizer V reflect back my layout in cubase. Like I said I use a pre-count of 2 bars how will that appear in Synth V. Also if I add a time signature in cubase will that time signature appear in Synthesizer V PRO or do I manually have to input the time signatures to match up the bars from Synth V to Cubase?

Regarding tempo Synthesizer V PRO version, the paid for version, should have some kind of Sync to host function like a lot of programs do, for example Kontakt or Guitar Rig. I can’t seem to see anything like that in the Synth V basic version

Maybe someone can explain how this works.

To be honest that is a lot more steps than I really want to go through when composing.

I guess adding vocals will have to be the last thing if I am to use Synthesizer V.

Can I use Eleanor forte in the Vocaloid 5 program?

Regarding coupons if you were to purchase the starter pack https://www.ah-soft.net/shopdetail/000000001204/ct120/page1/order/

Will I able to use those coupons at a later date? Say for Eleanor Forte when she is eventually released

Yes Eleanor Forte sounds very good even as a lite version and I want to use her in some music compositions that is why I ask these questions.

Sorry, not much time to go into depth.

When I export MIDI from Reaper to SynthV, I get my tempo markers as expected (even weird bpm values, like 65.03). Maybe check up on how exactly Cubase exports tempo within a MIDI.

I used to use negative bar numbers, too. Seems like Synth V doesn’t support them (or maybe it’s a limitation of how Reaper exports MIDI…or a limitation of MIDI itself.)

SynthV Pro syncs ok with Reaper. I don’t think it syncs well with other programs. It’s a new workflow but…really, it’s best (for now) to do SynthV work INSIDE Synth V. I’ve found it’s not that cumbersome, really. Make your instrumental in Cubase, export a rough version to SynthV as the backing track, then finish your vocal in Synth V.

No idea bout AHS coupons. I got mine from AniCute. I’m waiting for Eleanor, too!

Thanks again bellerandre. In cubase there are a few midi export options ranging from export type 0 or 1, to exporting automation and resolution but nothing really about tempo or time signatures.

Using negative bars in cubase, I will just have to remember in Synth V, I always have to add 2 bars to the current bar

Yeah I am probably going to have to do it as you say create a rough mix of the song import it into Synth V compose the vocal melody export the vocal melody as audio and import it into cubase and finish of the song in cubase.

I think Synthesizer V calls export render.

Is Synthesizer V a 64bit program?

I’m probably going to purchase the pro version soon. My only thought is, if I create the vocals like above, where by I import a rough mix into Synth V, compose in Synth V then export to cubase, why would I need the pro version, for the VST plugin? but if I am not even using it in cubase what is the point of the pro version? This is confusing, also I dread that I use multiple time signatures and inputing that manually in SynthV to sync the bars with my song will probably be a nightmare. There has to be a better way to do this.

Anyway thanks for the previous information and help I appreciate it.

Hi zynthesizerV, the vst plugin that comes with the pro version does make life a little bit easier for me. Instead of working in a separate program, and rendering audio out and importing them into my DAW (I use Logic), I can just work on Eleanors tuning within the DAW and make tweaks as you go. It’s nice to be able to make these adjustments to both the music and her voice at the same time.
But the vst plugin is very basic in my view. It’s really just a “trigger” for the synthv track. Because each track can only play one tempo at a time, you will need to get creative if your song has a changing tempo thoughout. You will have to create new tracks in your DAW and each track will need to have its own instance of the vst plugin that has a different tempo defined.
Also I don’t know what others have experienced with the vst plugin, but when I used it, I have to SAVE each vst instance as a separate filename, otherwise you’ll lose your work if you thought just by saving the DAW project will save the synthv notes embedded in the vst plugin - it doesn’t save automatically.
As I said, the synthv vst plugin is still quite basic compared to other DAW plugins. But it’s still useful. For example all the audio effects can be applied onto the plugin, as if you had imported the audio.
Hope that helps.

Hi thanks for the advice myfriendisadj, great you use Logic, I’m guessing you use a Mac. Would you happen to know if synthesizer V is a 64bit program?

If it is not it won’t even open in cubase anymore, I use cubase 11 from what I understand all plugins have to be 64bit.

That sounds great to be able to use Synthesizer V in your DAW.

The song I want to use Eleanor on does have a few tempo changes but it has a lot more time signatures. How would you handle a piece of music in synthesizer V that has multiple time signatures?

I am kind of lucky in a way that the song I want her to sing on has singing in only a few sections.

I haven’t had the time to look at Synthesizer V since last week and I have still not brought the pro version yet.

You are saying to use multiple instances of Synthesizer V if the song has multiple tempos throughout the piece?

So say instance 1 will have a tempo of 100BPM and instance 2 a tempo of 140BPM. I guess that won’t be too much trouble if it works like that. I wonder how much cpu cycles just one instance of synthesizer V takes then.

What about time signatures do you need to input those manually into Synthesizer V. For example if I add a time signature in my DAW will that appear in synthesizer V?

I’m guessing they need some kind of sync button. or remap bar and tempo layout to DAW button. A lot of my songs are not continuously in 4/4

Really you have to save each instance of Synthesizer V within the DAW other wise you lose your work.
Thanks again myfriendisadj for the information I appreciate it.

I am on the fence, I like the voice of Eleanor out of all the English vocaloids I have heard, but the integration with my DAW is kind of making me think about it. It also seems like it takes a lot of time to tune a voice bank.

It seems to me I could score out the melody in sibelius for a real singer to sing that would be including adding all the time signatures, tempos and whatnot. In much the same way I would score it for Eleanor using Synthesizer V but then I would need to tune Eleanor’s melody line and I have never tuned before.

The singer i have worked with before, she adds her own inflections and expression to my melody lines but it would probably be a lot more expensive than the Synth V pro program costs, I would need to find out the exact price but she sings really good.

To make it more complicated I really don’t know how Eleanor will sound on my track yet, her range might not fit and will her voice be able to cut through the mix. I won’t really know until I am with Eleanor and scoring for her voice if I decide to use Synthesizer V Pro.

Thanks for all help and advice

Synthesizer V Studio is a 64-bit application and the VSTi/AU plug-in is a 64-bit version.

Synthesizer V Studio supports creating new beats at new sections.

Although personal advice is more convenient for importing variable speed Midi files.

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Thanks LinR_PN for those screenshots. Very useful. Yes I can confirm it’s 64 bit also. To zynthesizerV: my experience with the plugin is that the sync’ing between the DAW and the plugin is very basic. Dont expect it to follow the tempo of the DAW project automatically. As per the screenshots you’ll have to define the tempo within the plugin and manually line it up with the DAW. I haven’t written in different time signatures but I suspect it will be the same. All has to be manually lined up. One suggestion I have would be maybe to write the whole song in one tempo, export the SynthV track to audio, then use the melodyne/stretch feature of the DAW to slow down or speed up parts of the song. That would be a very accurate way of doing it. I do like to personally bounce the SynthV track to audio once I’m happy with the vocals, as it’s much easier to work that way. (EDM has a lot of chopped vocals!) :slight_smile: also sometimes SynthV doesn’t stop the track within the plugin when I click stop on the DAW which is a little annoying. Good luck!

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Sorry I have not replied sooner, Thank you for all the information regarding Synthesizer V.

Cheers, thanks LinR_PN for the pictures okay it is 64 bit that is great at least it will open in cubase then. From what has been said and shown now, I will probably manually have to input time signatures into Synthesizer V just to keep everything on grid matching cubase’s grid. I tried before a few weeks ago, to import a midi file into Synthesizer V with some time signature changes but for some reason the time signatures were not registered only the tempo changes were.

My song has about 40 or so time signature changes but I have not decided exactly where all the singing is taking place.

I am still finishing off the percussion section of the composition, afterwards I plan to purchase Eleanor and hope she fits in with the song. There are some sections, that I want singing in, that has fast accents on the words, that probably Eleanor won’t be able to do, I don’t know for sure though. Even a real singer would find it difficult I think.

Thanks again myfriendisadj, regarding tempo and time signatures, I think it will be all manual then using Synthesizer V as long as I can somehow copy the time signatures from cubase and line them up in Syntheizer V it should be okay. I kind of need to be able to do that at the very least otherwise it will be a whole mess trying to place Eleanors vocals on a grid that does not follow my cubase bar numbers or grid, it needs to somehow match. While I only plan singing in a few sections, there are about 40 time signatures over the whole song. It is mostly all in 4/4 but I need a workable grid.

Just so one can understand what I kind of mean why I need a grid that matches up. To be able to use Eleanor. Each little tab at the top is a tempo change without grid and bar matching between Cubase and Synthesizer V it will be a total disaster for me.

Regarding functionality with Eleanor and any other problems with Synthesizer V I hope I can ask new questions as the time arrives, when I eventually purchase Synthesizer V.



A man after my own heart ;D

As far as I understand the license, even if you have a paid version of Synth V, you cannot commercially release a song featuring Eleanor Forte unless you are using the lite version, and you cannot buy the full version of her because it still does not exist.

hi because i have no one to ask can i use vocaloid products on sinth v?

No, Vocaloid is made by a different company (Yamaha) and is a completely separate software product.

Vocaloid voicebanks are not compatible with SynthV, and similarly SynthV voice databases are not compatible with Vocaloid.

So sad,do you happen to know if there is a Len for sinth V or any other program instead of vocaloid?

Kagamine Len is a product of Crypton Future Media. Currently all versions of the product are for Vocaloid, however all CFM products (such as Kagamine Rin & Len V4X) come with the Piapro Studio editor included so you don’t actually need to buy the Vocaloid editor.

CFM has been working on their own engine separate from Vocaloid, but that’s been in development for a long time and only Hatsune Miku NT has been released, with no news about the other characters getting an “NT” version any time soon.

There has been no indication of Crypton Future Media working on any voice databases for Synthesizer V.