It's so complicated

I know, it’s easy for me to say it, but your website is so messy :exploding_head:, I don’t understand nothing, pouah !!! Please work on it :cry:.

Today I wanted to try the new Synth V, I couldn’t find easely, oh my god !!! Please !!! Where’s the only english voice Eleanor, where is she? I don’t use The japanese or chinese voice, I feel so alone.

And I’m french and I don’t speak english very well and even less Japanese or Chinese, and for buying your software, the problem is the same, it’s so complicated, this is crazy.
I want to pay here with my Visa or paypal, not multiple links, please.
And for download my software, I want open my account and find my licences, updates, voice banks etcetc. My head is so nervous :exploding_head:.

Please, don’t forget us, We want you to keep your promises, you promised us more English voices (men, women).

Thanks for reading me and I’m sorry but I had to say it.

PS : sorry for my english and my dissatisfaction :confused:

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When synth V came out I found the web site and was immediately drawn to it because of it’s western slant and comprehensive approach. Everything was easy to locate and download. This was when Kanru was state-side.

Maybe his student visa ran out, I don’t know but when he moved the operation to that tiny office in Japan, it seemed like the beginning of the end for the comprehensiveness of the whole synth V offering.

Suddenly the web site was super fancy to the point of annoying and it is hard to find.

There are no announcements on well known web sites such as gearslutz or kvr when something comes out unlike emvoice or vocaloid.

This is a shame because Kanru is a fabulous coder and scientist and synth v is better than those two aforementioned products.
But this doesn’t translate to marketing prowess generally.


I talk around me of synthV when it’s possible, but without updates or new english voices, the people around me don’t care, Emovoice grow up, and vocaloid 6 soon… sorry but not sorry, I’m so disappointed.


It’s insane :confused:

I agree that it’s a mess. I would rather just donate on PayPal or Venmo in dollars.

Their target markets are Japan, Taiwan and China. I can understand the focus even if I think it is misguided. It is a little odd they don’t just sell it on PluginBoutique or something though, yeah.

Maybe it’s just a marketing/image thing. The US market for music producers wanting vocaloids (i.e. all of the associated culture) is probably insignificant, especially compared to here in Japan. However, the US/European markets for a high quality general purpose singing synthesizer plugin are probably much larger. It’s certainly all I really want. The difference is only really marketing.

Celemony can sustain their company off of selling Melodyne in a world with several other pro-level vocal pitch correcting plugins. There has to be a market there for a singing synthesizer, divorced from the whole vocaloid scene. I mean, Emvoice is trying it, with way better terms for using the voices, too.


The problem there is Synth V doesn’t make its own voices. It relies on other companies to do that, and from what I can see in regards to crowdfunding for the two voices currently in development, it isn’t cheap ($50,000). So you’d have to convince some other company that there is a minimum of 500 english-speaking sales required to recover costs when most people are using the free versions.



Hi friend!
I have installed Synthsizer V Studio basic and it works great!
I downloaded Eleanor Forte (lite) in the same site and everything is going well!

The site is confuse, its true, but with a little work you can find the things you need!
Did you buy the Pro version of Synthsizer V Studio? Did you have problems to install it? And about Eleanora Forte, did you downloaded and install it?

As you know, these software are free. Of course they have limitations, but to test they are excellent, man!

I hardly speak any English! I am Portuguese and although I studied English, I speak almost nothing! I hope you understand me !!!

If you need anything, please feel free to send me a message, okay?
Hug from …


Dude, I create a lot of tutorials for Synth V, I know what I’m saying :slight_smile: .
They should be working on their website, it’s not complicated.
And they should think about the first users, “parole parole” not for me.
Don’t take my words for you :slight_smile:

Your written English is excellent!

Kind regards,


Sorry for my anger, SynthV and its website become a best :slight_smile: