Cannot Install Software! :-(


I have DL’d the BASIC software, but it crashes during install.
Could someone assist me, please?

Try to skip this file, I did it :slight_smile:

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Yup yup!
I just skipped all the issues and it seems to have installed.

Try running as an administrator once,
You can do this by right-clicking on the installation package and selecting Run as an administrator.
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Many thanks!

It works fine as a standalone now.

One more question…
I use CUBASE 10 and I want to use SynthV in my DAW.

I do not quite understand how to get it to appear as a VST or Rewire.
Can anyone advise, please?

I cannot seem to find it via the Plug-In Manager, despite adding the file paths to SynthV.

Any assistance would be most welcome!

The basic version does not support plug-ins, only the professional version of SynthV Studio has VST3/AU plug-ins.
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I already had problemsto install similar software. After trying several things without sucsess, I read somewhere that its necessary to have installed Microsoft.NET Framework!
However, I have installed Synthsizer V Studio basic on my PC with Win 10 64 bits / 8 Gb RAM and a SSD drive!
Did you tryed to install it in other location?
Hope this help!