English support for non-English voices

Is it possible for non-English voices (like Muxin) to sing in English with SynthV? I imagine it being a little more difficult than using a voice designed for that language, but it’d be nice if I had a male voice that sings in English.


If you are very familiar with phoneme, you can try using phoneme for cross-language tuning.
(Translate with a translator)

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I tried a while back using Japanese but it didn’t go super well.

I was playing with Chiyu last month in an attempt to make a sound chart. The XSampa/Arpabet/IPA relations don’t always work well with relating what the phoneme is supposed to sound like versus what I think it sounds like. In general, I find the pinyin dictionary in synth v holds better to actual pronunciation than the X-Sampa romanizations.

This site is really good for demonstrating how particular pinyin/phonemes will sound: