Foreign language voicebanks

Will Synthesizer V ever support foreign language voicebanks, not just English, Japanese and Chinese? So, for example, Spanish, Russian, German or other languages? I think, SynthV would be great to support all of them. Craftsmen are already doing in these languages ​​with the help of Eleanor, Chiyu and others VB.
It seems to me that the presence of such VB will increase the popularity of the Synthesizer V. And especially if VBs also have “Lite” and “Full” versions

It costs a lot of time, effort, and money to create a voicebank. Will someone spend those resources to create voicebanks in those languages?

…who knows?

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Currently, there are only three regions in Japan(AH-Software, Animen JP), Mainland China(Quadimension) and Taiwan(Animen TW) where manufacturers have talked about cooperative agency with Dreamtonics. I hope there will be agents in more countries in the future. _(:з)∠) _
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I hope any manufacturer will pick up the agent in Europe and America, thanks. ♪(^∇^*)
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As I mentioned elsewhere, the current voices in development are aiming for a budget of about $50000 each. That translates to about 500 sales you’d need to make just to recover costs, and no one goes into business just to break even.

Synth V may have the proper support in China, but I don’t see that they have that elsewhere. It’s on us to get people excited with what we have already :confused: without a prospective sales base, who is going to take a chance on making an expansion?


Kanru replied about this problem here.
You can create user dictionaries to solve this problem, but it may be difficult for Non-Syllabary languages.

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I think it’d be really cool to get a Korean voice bank if we can elevate SynthV to a high enough point. Here are some reasons why:
-K-Pop is super huge in the US and Europe, so it wouldn’t go unused
-There are no high quality Korean voice banks besides Vocaloid’s UNI, which is quite costly to get to, so it would make a fair opponent.
-Not as well as Chinese does, but Korean works super well cross linguistically