Elanor Forte song tech/metal

Hey, I have not been here for a while but I am currently working on several songs with the Elanor Forte voice,I was kind of waiting for the new version of Synth to get it but I am not sure how long that is going to be and I love making vocals with this program! I made a song a while back but now I am even better with the program ( I seem to learn every time I use it! ) and my new ones are going to be much improved over this one, should have one in next week or so, putting finishing touches on it now! Anyway here is kind of a tech/metal song I did a while back, looking forward to Elanor on the new version, or any English voice would be great! Here is one I did before, I used the vocal fry and a track with Elanor’s voice with the breathiness set to max to get the “Whisper” vocal track effect for this song, I also changed my name from Unfinished Chronicles to Prophet of the Singularity, I have some other songs on there was well with Human vocals that I am also going to do synth versions of, working on Last Pharaoh now as well… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9nlNZRNQj8

Robots Rising!

I like it.

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I have a song I am working on now that has kind of a terminator/ AI rise of the machines
theme, I thought it would be really cool to have the machine do the vocals itself :slight_smile: also it is going to be my self titled song (Prophet of the Singularity). There are black hole singularities, and the mysterious singularity that is at the heart of the big bang theory (interestingly enough they both seem very similar) but the Singularity in my Bands name is another (theoretical) type of singularity called the Technological Singularity, this is a theory that revolves around AI and it’s ability to learn. The theory goes something like this, when we develop a true AI, something that works similar to our brains and has self awareness, we can give it the program that was used to create it, the AI will study this program and be given the task of improving it and making a better AI from it, an upgraded version of itself. Then the Upgraded version is given the same task with the version that was used to create it, and this cycle continues over and over with each AI upgrading itself until it has created a version that is almost God-Like with it’s intelligence, so I thought it would be really cool to make a song about this and let the Machine do the vocals itself.

This song has a magical experience, thank you for your creation!
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