What Eleanore sounds like with mids scooped and highs cranked

A repost from way back.

English speakers: Can you understand what’s being sung? Or is it just because I know the words?

Out of the box Eleanore is very mid forward and naseley with not enough information in the 3-4k to decerrn words.

I can understand some of the words. Some get lost due to the mix, and some due to the “autotuning” sound (changes between notes are too abrubt)

I do like your EQ moves though. Now that we has separate aspiration output, has that changed your mixing process?

I have not used the new version at all yet. So I can’t speak to that yet.
After listening again after the two years since I uploaded it I realize there are so many issues yet with intelligibility.

I thought it was better than that. :smile:

An I have a typo in the title of the thread that I can no longer change too.

I don’t know the words, but I can understand about 40-60%. The rest are lost because she’s competing with the music too much