Lonely Parade ft. Eleanor Forte - Every Day In The Summer Mattered (original album)

Heya! Around July this year I wrote my first lyrical mini album using Eleanor Forte as my chosen vocalist :smiley:

You can listen on YouTube or on Spotify!

If I had to choose some highlights from the album, it would be Ocean Breeze and Streetlamps And The Night Sky.

It’s a little rough around the edges in retrospect, but I’m still really proud of it because it was my first album I was truly proud of.

Since the release of EDITSM, I am also working on a new full length album, once again using Eleanor Forte for my vocals! I’m excited to share it with you all when it’s finished!

Thank you for listening!!

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8 songs! I’ve heard it all (´▽`) , thank you for your creation!

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I clicked on the YouTube link and arrived on Quill, which has no vocals, hence no Eleanor. You might want to make that clear. I figured this was the equivalent of a vocaloid Rick Roll.

Maybe pick a song with Eleanor as the lead off for an Eleanor post? Just a suggestion. Only because I read through the thread I realized there was more (I know you said album, but that can mean anything these days). Anyway, listening now… nice so far :sweat_smile:

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Thank you!!! :grin:

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