Question regarding music

This has been bugging me for quite awhile
I use Synthesizer V for vocal melodies/throwaways
I don’t use it for actual releases cause I’m currently using the (lite version)
But say I wanna start to release music…
Do I have to get the paid version to use Synthesizer V in my songs?
I’m not really a person that wants to use Synth V in my songs…
it’s just really hard finding people to sing in my music…especially when they agree to sing but they end up going ghost on me​:joy:
…so this is my second option :joy:
Any help would be nice.
(Also why does the words keep getting switched around? I’ve spent acouple minutes editing this post)

I could be wrong, but I think all you need is a paid voice, I don’t think you need the full editor, just one paid voice, I’m pretty sure…

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Basically, if you use lite you can go ahead and upload your work as long as you’re not getting revenue from it and state clearly that you are using the lite version.