Synthesizer V Studio for ARM64

With the introduction of the new Apple M1 chip, you should look into building SynthV for ARM64 (AArch64). Not only for macOS, but also for Windows and Linux.

This would lower the entry point for using your software, as ARM64 based PCs and laptops are usually much cheaper and provide more performance (provided apps are built for ARM64) than their x86-64 counterparts.

Also, on your download page, nowhere do you mention the required architecture, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s move to ARM64 processors in consumer devices.


I’m running SynthV Studio on M1 MacBook Air, but using Rosetta. Runs very well. Hardly takes any CPU resources. But SynthV using the AI chip would be absolutely amazing. Hope it is considered!

Hmmm, why build ARM for Windows tho? AFAIK ARM (or ARM64) is still very not a thing for Windows. In general, with Apple forcing a change (after they forced one for Catalina), ARM64 still isnt necessarily the future for computer processor architectures, and also. neither ARM64 nor x86_64 (AMD64) are more “performant” than the other, they are just different processor architectures (and in fact atm it should be the opposite: x86_64 should have faster. more performant chips available, as they work in an environment where power isn’t as much of a concern as ARM64, which came from the mobile market.)

tl;dr: The Apple ARM64 move is mostly Apple forcing devs to do what Apple wants. Same happened with Catalina, but at least I could try justifying it then. I’m not really sure why this move is a thing…o right maybe its due to desire for power-saving than absolute performance (with ARM having more experience with that due to being used for mobile)

Currently, Synthesizer V Studio runs on M1 mac using Rosetta 2 without problems. But I really hope that Synthesizer V can run natively on M1 chip.

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On my MB Air M1 it unfortunately does not work so well. I am using Eleanor Forte.

In both Logic and Cubase, the plugin opens, but it does not play (and live update won’t work for the waveform). Standalone, it works for a bit, but the wave form update and playback hang too often to be a useful experience.

Have you ever seen something like that, or does it just work for you without trouble? Did you do anything special on install? I’d love to figure out how to make SynthV work, as it really is an important tool for composing for me…

What happens on my MB Air in stand-alone mode is that there are sections where there is no waveform rendering - and if I play back, the playback stops at the first such section it encounters. After that, there is no more playback. Restarting the live rendering system causes the app to crash/hang.

This is with Eleanor Forte.

See the screenshot below for an example:

I didn’t have any problems with it. My only suggestion is that to make sure both your DAW and plugin is running in Rosetta mode. Ie make sure Logic Pro is in Rosetta mode otherwise many legacy plugins just don’t work. Then make sure the standalone SynthV is in Rosetta mode so that when you import the plugin that inherits the mode too. If all that fails then try create a new user in macOS to clear out any plugin cache issues and see if that helps.

Thanks. I found now that the problems mostly seem to come from Eleanor Forte Light. With the other voices, it works a lot better (still hangs sometimes, but rarely enough that I can work ok). Have you tried Eleanor Forte? Unfortunately, the other voices don’t sound great for what I need in English…

Sorry no I’ve only used the lite version. But that worked ok for me.

M1 support! Thanks Dreamtonics <3!