Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.0 Update (Synthesizer V AI support)

Merry Christmas! Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.0 update featuring Synthesizer V AI support is now ready.
Latest Synthesizer V Studio Basic:
Saki AI​:point_down:

メリークリスマス、Synthesizer V に AI がやってきました!Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.0 にぜひアップデートを!
最新のSynthesizer V Studio Basic:
Saki AI​:point_down:

圣诞快乐! 这个圣诞向你带来Synthesizer V Studio 1.1.0更新 - 我们提前开放了对AI歌声合成的支持!
已经购买Saki标准版的用户可通过活动页在2021年6月前免费获得Saki AI版本。
最新Synthesizer V Studio基本版:


Any info about when Eleanor AI will come out?

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I’m very sorry, there is no news yet…You can follow the official Twitter:
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Be aware that the lack of full English voicebanks is a dealbreaker in buying Synth V Studio Pro for most Western producers. My money is still waiting, but remember there is also Emvoice One, and maybe other products will be available soon…

And what about the VST plug-in? Is it officially released yet? Does it follow the tempo and time signatures changes in the DAW? There is no mention of this on the product page :(.

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The updated content of the plug-in version is the same as the standalone version. I also wish that Eleanor can release the full version.

Next year there will be an English voicebank released by Japanese characters(弦巻マキ, Tsurumaki Maki), with standard and AI versions, but I don’t know what other people think of it. (Because my native language is not English)

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You can learn how to edit phonemes, it’s pretty easy, especially with the japanese banks. I’ve never heard of a lack of english voicebanks being a dealbreaker. Especially with Synth V being so cheap considering how good the product is.

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Making Japanese voicebanks sing in English is a gigantic pain in the ass–at least for me it is, so that will always be a dealbreaker. The good news, however, is AH Software planning on releasing Genmaki Maki in Japanese/English for Synth V AI in 2021.


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This does sound really good, but not as a native English speaker, more like how a Japanese person will sing English.
Also, I find it somewhat weird that most of the female voices I’ve heard so far sound like cute little girls singing. Surely, there has to be more mature-ish women to base the voice-banks on, right?

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The above video uses the Japanese standard voicebank, so the English lyrics in it are actually spelled out with Japanese phonemes, you can wait for the English voicebank of the audition to see again.

In the Japanese market, the lovely voice & image is more popular, so you will see many characters of this type…_(:з)∠) _

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That makes sense LinR_PN, thank you for replying.

As for the popularity in the Japanese market, well, I think the Synth V developers should also consider a more western style of singing (both classical like Vocaloid’s Prima and Tonio, but also pop & ethnic).
I am certain that the European and the American market will greatly appreciate these kind of performances using Synth V technology achievements!

And I would KILL for a SATB choir with the flexibility and results of Synth V :wink:


SATB eh?

I’m sure Dreamtonics has considered more voices. As have other companies! They’ll probably keep “considering” until it seems financially worth it for them to produce the voices.

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Hi, I’m not sure if I’m missing something, I have Studio Pro 1.0.8 and I cannot find a way to upgrade to 1.1.0. Do I redownload it off the main Dreamtronics website, or should the store I purchased it from issue the update? Thank you in advanced

Just check for updates in the SynthV Studio:
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Oh duh! Thank you so much Lin!!!

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A good setting for Elanor to make her sound a little bit older and not like a young girl is
to turn the Gender setting between 2.7 and 2.9 or so and put the tension down just a little bit below zero and turn the breathiness a little up from zero , I have a song that I am releasing next week that I have finished that I feel is the best synth vocals I have made so far, it is with this version, not the studio, but I have been using it for a while now and have learned how to tweak the parameters pretty good, Ill post a link when it is posted, should be sometime around the 1st of next year.


bellerandre , I think that a quick review on popular vst forums and at the product page of any major sample library developer will prove to the Synth V developers that the human voice (solo or in choir) is a well demanded and not so well implemented virtual instrument as of yet.

UnfinishedChronicles, on the short test/demo piece that I have linked on my own topic (vst plugin problems), I have used similar settings. I would have pushed the gender slider even further if it didn’t deteriorated the sound quality. I really like my female voices to not sound like little girls.


Very nice work, those vocals sound great and fit that song perfectly!

I have not tried using the program directly in a DAW yet. I have been just playing the vocal parts on the keyboard while the song plays and then I export the vocals as a midi file and import that into synth V
under the import as a track option and then i save the song as a .wav file and import that into synth V as an instrumental, then after the vocals are done I render them and import the separate tracks into the DAW, it works as long as I don’t change the timing of the DAW file so I usually wait until I am pretty much done with all the music, I really want to try the new studio version.

I have also noticed, not just with this program but with the vocaloid programs in general that the female voices seem to sound more realistic then the male voices,and when you turn up elanor’s gender too much, like you said the quality deteriorates and it gives it kind of a stressed vocal cord sound or something.



Hi friends!
I wish you all a happy new year!

I have installed the Synthsizer V Studio basic 1.0.6 sometime ago.

  • Can you tell me please, if I can install the update (version 1.1.1) over the old?
  • or it is necessary to uninstall the old version before instal the update?

Thank you in advance,

You don’t need to uninstall the old version, just follow the instructions above to update the version.
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