[Eleanor Forte] It Lingers In My Dreams [Original Song]

Here is a song I wrote a while back for a musical based on Charlote Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”, now sung by Eleanor Forte, created using Synth V

Trying to showcase Eleanor Forte’s range of emotions to go with the lyrics

Hope you like it, constructive comments welcome :slight_smile:


Also on Spotify, under the pseudonym “Nella Elnora” (my distributor didn’t allow me to post as Eleanor Forte)

Ivan xx


Awesome! Excellent composition.

Are you editing the default vibrato? I feel like in some sections, she could use less depth and speed, and a later start time.

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Yes I did edit the vibrato but I see what you mean, it still seems too much in some sections. I will go do more tweaking!

Thank you very much for listening and for the feedback!

There’s so much more you could do too, while you’re at it!

Rhythm. It’s quite metronomic. Imagine, for example, what sheet music of this song would look like (lots of quarter notes, eighth notes), vs how it’s actually performed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq3boAhq_as

Also, try some soft “D” instead of “T”. “the beaTing of my heart”

Thanks again for the feedback and the tips!

Yes Les Mis is definitely one of my influencers

@IvanK you have a wonderful Soundcloud! Many nice ballads and orchestral pieces.
Given these are very mature pieces, my only feedback would be to tune Eleanor maybe 0.1 up on the gender parameter. Or if you’re going to do it in your DAW, then shift the vocal formant down by -2. The default setting for Eleanor is good for pop but sometimes it’s nice to let her sing with a more “open throat” so it’s not so “nasal” sounding.
I’ve created an example for you.


@myfriendisadj thanks for listening!
And thanks so much for the tips, yes she does sound better in your example, less nasal and more mature.
Amazing you could do that without having a separate vocal track? Can I ask what DAW you are using?

I like the lyrics, thank you for your creation!
(Translate with a translator)

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@IvanK I used https://splitter.ai to separate the tracks.
Then within my DAW (Logic Pro), I used the Flex Pitch function to tweak the formant as shown below.
If you use another DAW you may have to use another plugin like Melodyne or something. But try the gender parameter in SynthV first. Always better to change at the source.


Thanks @myfriendisadj I will give it a go!

Oh my, my that was good.
Such an excellent song, wonderful melody.

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thanks @bitman for listening!

Newbie about Synthesizer here… Just amazed by the quality you get. Also, how did you manage to use Eleanor Forte on Dreamtonics website it seems the voice is not available yet ? I need so much an english voice to play with Synthesizer V.

Hi @slavoisard
I downloaded it with the previous generation of synthv

She is the only English voice available as far as I know

Good luck and thanks for listening!


Any link to a place I can buy it? Thanks for your help…

here it is (scroll to the bottom)