DAW recommendations

Hello everyone!
I am so new to Synth V and making music in general. So in order to make music with Synth V you need to connect to a DAW?
Are there any free DAW software that can connect to synth v ?

Also can someone explain to me the general process of using a DAW?
So you make your voice tracks with synth v, and then put them in the DAW, and edit them and stuff. Do you also make your instrumental through the daw? Or do you only make the instrumental in the DAW and then import it into synth V.

Thank you, sorry my questions are all over the place. I really need help understanding the process.

You don’t need a DAW at all.

If I remember correctly, Reaper might have the only fully integrated VST support. ie: when you press play in Reaper, it also plays in SynthV.

In reality, it is not very user-friendly. In my opinion, working this way is slower than the standard way, which you described: make your instrumental however you usually make music. Make the vocal in Synth V. Combine the two, either in Synth V, or your DAW.


Hi @Zoechan all depends on what operating system you have. If you’re a Mac user I would highly recommend you start in Garageband (it’s free). Comes with a ton of really nice instrument and nice drummer. Then you can import the synthv audio into it. Or if you’re a PC user then I would recommend Ableton Live 10 Lite (it’s not free but comes with many keyboard controllers). Great thing about Ableton is there’s a ton of user groups you can find probably in your local community. If you really want free then try Bandlabs Cakewalk. It’s amazing but the free version is the full version. No limitations. Only downside with Cakewalk is that it’s a smaller community so harder to find templates, ready made loops and plugins in general may not have been fully tested on it.
Good luck!

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Cakewalk by Bandlab is free and robust.
But if you aren’t married to one at the moment I would absolutely go with Reaper because of the transport integration mentioned by bellerandre.

And also yes, you dont NEED a daw, you can load a mixed down track into standalone synth v’s instrumental track and go from there.

If you want a bunch of unmixed tracks and synth v being one (or more) of them and mix and edit it like you would with real singer tracks, then you will need a daw and use the vst plugin component of synth v.

Reaper isn’t free but it’s like 60 bucks which is practically stealing.