Current state of Synth V voices

Info dump for the current state of Synth V voices. This is info as current as I can find it with a little conjecture, so take it with a grain of salt.

Ah-Soft: So much is happening with the major partner that it’s easier to just break news items out by voice.

Kisaragi Tsuina ( ついなちゃん Tsuina-chan): Tsuina-chan’s crowdfunding campaign blew up last month, and she gathered more than enough funds to garner both the standard and AI voices. Recording is projected to start in February. Tsuina’s spoken voice is available via Voiceroid2.

Koharu Rikka (小春六花): Rikka also reached her crowdfunding goals for both the standard and AI voices. Release is projected for 3/18/21; lite versions are currently confirmed for both. Rikka’s spoken voice will be released as a CeVIO AI.

Tsurumaki Maki (弦巻マキ): AHSoft announced Maki, who will be the first bilingual Synth V, in Japanese and English. Release is scheduled for some time in 2021. Maki’s spoken voice is available via Voiceroid and will be released as a CeVIO AI.

Kyomachi Seika (京町セイカ): This mascot for the city of Seika reached her crowdfunding goals and will be receiving standard and AI voicing. Seika’s spoken voice is already available via Voiceroid+.

Saki: Saki Ai and Saki AI Lite were released over the Christmas holidays. There’s already a bunch of covers available on youtube. Saki AI is available for free to current Saki owners until 6/17/21.

Kotonoha Akane/Aoi: Currently a candidate for the 35th Vector Pro-Reg Awards. If you’d like to help by casting a vote, please visit here:

Volor: AiKO and Genbu have been released in standard and lite versions for the new version of Synth V. Eleanor has only been released as lite. Her release as well as development for Yamine Renri appears to be stalled by the global pandemic, though I expect Synth V’s rapid updating and adding the new AI versions in the latter part of 2020 also played a part. Renri was slated for full (standard) and lite versions.

Quadimension: Released Muxin (male Chinese) in August and Minus (female Chinese) in September. All voices were updated to the new standard version of Synth V. No word as yet on AI versions. Quadimension is continuing produce a bunch of merch/character goods, including Stardust nendoroids, a Chinese New Year celebration package, and character pendants.


Thank you for your summary, but little correct the name of the singer:
小春六花(Koharu Rikka)
弦巻マキ(Tsurumaki Maki)
京町セイカ(Kyomachi Seika)

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excellent. I knew there was a problem with Rikka, but I didn’t think I was off on so many.
I’ve updated the post with your suggestions.

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Added Kotonoha Akane/Aoi’s nomination for the 35th Vector Pro-Reg awards.

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announced today: Seika cleared enough funding for an AI voice.

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Adding information regarding Rikka lite versions.

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