【SynthV】 PrayerX 【Saki Ai】 by 💜ARIA💜

(Also yes I know the first part is off time/tempo for some reason I apologize for that)
Hi I’m literally brand new to using SynthV as I’m normally used to UTAU. I only have the lite version but I’m curious to know if getting the pro ver would be worth the money? I’ve never spent any money on voice synth programs due to well one not having the money and two just being a hobbyist. But I really like what I’ve heard of the voices so far. And I believe the lite is restricted to one pitch of the voicebank? Is that correct?
And if so, how would I go and buy it? It’s a bit of a pain searching and roughly translating the sites and I don’t want to misclick if I would buy it;;;

Synthesizer V Feature comparison table:
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——The AHS websites support Credit card and PayPal purchases:

Synthesizer V Saki (Download Version):

Use Saki activation code to redeem Saki AI voicebank by June 18, 2021

Synthesizer V Studio Pro (Download Version):