Question before buying Saki (resolved)

So I have both the trial version of the editor and SynthV Basic, but I’m not clear on what buying Saki’s full bank exactly does for me, and which program(s) I’ll be able to use her in? Some resources I’ve read imply that buying the voicebank will include a license for the full editor, and some seem to indicate that I’ll need to purchase both the voicebank and the editor separately. I’d rather not lose the cover I’ve already made in Synth Basic in the process of upgrading, so some guidance would be appreciated. The synth V website also seems to say that the voice+editor packages aren’t available for American users, but I might be misinterpreting. Can anyone give me a clear process for how to purchase Saki and the full editor in the most efficient and cost-effective way?

Because you already have Synthesizer V Studio Basic, you don’t need to buy a start pack (with Synthesizer V Studio Pro and a Voicebank Redemption Code inside), and that’s a boxed version, probably for mailing only in Japan.

You can purchase Saki AI separately and use it directly on Synthesizer V Studio Basic. You can buy Synthesizer V Studio Pro if you have a clear need.

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Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I needed to know, I’ll go ahead and buy Saki’s full bank then.

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