[Eleanor Forte] Space Oddity - a Cappella [SynthV Original]

Here’s my a Cappella arrangement of Bowie’s Space Oddity for female voices as sung by four Eleanor Forte voices.

Really looking forward to trying out the full version of her voice in SV Studio if and when she comes out, the waiting is unbearable!

Really wanting an English Male voice too, so I can create mixed voice tracks.


That is pure musicianship! Pure enjoyment.

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It’s Acapella! Thank you for your creation!
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Thanks Joachim :grinning:


Nice, but if I had a critique, it would be the phonemes in Tom. The T sounds like a D, and you never hear the end of the M. And it’s probably the most important word in the song.

Try different timings on the phoneme starts and stops, different spellings. Sometimes a silent phoneme right before the problem sound.

Hi @ebinary, thanks for your feedback. I had a lot of issues with the way Eleanor sings her phonemes and had to fix a lot of them. To my ear ‘Tom’ sounds fine, the T is definitely more aspirated rather than soft like a D and I definitely hear the M at the end, though it is short, perhaps too short for your ear, I could change the Syllable coda so the M comes sooner and is longer. The problem I have with the way she sings ‘Tom’ is the vowel, which is favouring American rather than English, coming out as ‘Tarm’.

That worst pronunciation I had to try and fix was the long note on ‘Door’ as in ‘Stepping through the door’ which she wanted to pronounce ‘d-ew-or’ with a very slow turn of the dipthong. She’s fine pronouncing the word if the note is short, but on longer notes the vowel is chewed. I tried all sorts of spellings eg, dor, daw, dore and ended up splitting the word to [.d ao]…[.r] which still isn’t quite right.

Inspired by your comment I just tried using a .sil just before the first phoneme and she now pronounces it correctly, though there is now a small gap before ‘door’. I may be able to fix this by playing around with the note properties.

Thanks for listening to it.

I should clarify that I hear the M… Just not the end of the M. Maybe if she said “Major Tomuh” and then severely shorten or drop off on the “uh”. Then she would be forced to end the M completely.

Anyway… good stuff