Synthesizer V R1 License

Hello! I use Synthesizer V R1, and I have done since it’s release but I couldn’t afford & didn’t need to sell songs, therefore I never got the license. However, I do make songs now and I’d love to make them available to people to buy. I thought that you were still able to buy the license as it still appears on this website: but by trying to connect I see that it is now unavailable :persevere:
Synth V R2 does not run on my pc; and I am not all interested in using it as I am very used to R1 after using it for 2 years. Is there any way I could buy it, or just any general guidance of what I should do? Thank you :pray:t2:

Edit: I managed to get one thanks to a friend!

It is no longer possible to buy the first-generation Synthesizer V from official channels.:sweat_smile: Now only the second-generation products are sold. See if anyone else is willing to sell it…
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