Need some help with Rikka's press release

Is there an english version of this anywhere? I’m trying to figure out why there’s a difference in pricing.

Koharu Rikka (小春六花) is a Japanese voicebank, there is no English version. This year there will be another Tsurumaki Maki (弦巻マキ), which will have an English voicebank, please pay attention.
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I might want Rikka, even though she’s Japanese…

I think you misunderstood me. I know Rikka is a Japanese voicebank. I’m looking for the information in the press release in english. I’ve got no problem with using foreign voice banks and bending them to my use ;D

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oof, we really need to pay separately for Rikka and Rikka AI?

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Koharu Rikka is divided into a download version and a boxed version. The download version sells the Standard voicebank and the AI voicebank separately, each at 8,800JPY + tax; the boxed version integrates the two voicebanks (Standard+AI sound library) , But may only be mailed to Japan, the price is 16,800JPY + tax.
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There is also a boxed set at the bottom, which contains Synthesizer V Studio Pro and a voicebank redemption code, which can be redeemed for a download version of AHS SynthV voicebank. The price is 18,000JPY + tax. It may also be mailed only to Japan.

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Thank you for the info!

I’ll probably just buy AI.

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Rikka AI was demoed this morning. AHSoft is holding a promotion where you can potentially win the software for free

Also, thank you for your assistance, @LinR_PN

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If I understood correctly, that contest can only ship to winners in Japan.

from AHSoft’s twitter:


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Also, as you can see in the image, please note that if you apply from overseas, you will receive a download version as a gift when you win. We are waiting for many applications!

OH! Thanks!

The winners have been announced… I wasn’t one XD

Interestingly enough, apparently one of those selected had pirated the program, so he was disqualified.