Vibrato Glitch

Seems like long notes automatically speed up vibrato. Regardless of the vibrato envelope, voice/note properties. I’ve tried deleting a note. Checked for any MIDI CC events.

Kanru, pleeeeease, a way to change vibrato SPEED over time! The vibrato DEPTH parameter is great!

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It looks like there is a tempo change happening in the last bar and this is accelerating the vibrato. This shouldn’t happening of course!

ahhh I think you’re right - thank you!

But if I START a new note after the tempo change - the vibrato is ok. So, maybe not a “glitch”, but definitely unexpected behavior.

And I stand by my request for a way to edit vibrato speed over time.

@LinR_PN Do you know if Kanru reads these forums? I haven’t seen him in a while. I could tag Kanru or DreamTonics on Twitter, but is that annoying, when there’s a dedicated SynthV forum here?

The main focus of Synthesizer V is development, but Kanru Hua does check the forum content regularly, which can be seen from his personal page.
I am not an official person, and for feedback that I think is more important, I just @ let him see it.
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oh ok…you seem so official haha

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Hahahaha, I am an avid enthusiast & user :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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