Fast rhythms are not accurate

@khuasw sorry if the tag is unnecessary, but I haven’t seen you on the forums in forever! Just want to make sure my reports are going to the right place.

Fast rhythms are very inaccurate during playback. This is regardless of voice, pitch duration/depth, note offset, engine settings…anything I can test. And it’s very random - it’s not off in the same way every time.

Luckily it’s all fine in the final render! But it would be nice to work with accurate rhythm - even if it came at the expense of slower in-program rendering.

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Is the file of the instrument track in MP3 format? If it is MP3 format, please convert to WAV, then realign and play again.
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:0 I don’t get that warning in SynthV! I will try wav.

EDIT: yes, using .wav fixes it. LinR_PN to the rescue again!