Parameter curves with Eleanor Forte (light)

I am playing with the parameter curves in the Pro plugin/VST. As far as I can tell, they have no effect whatsoever on the voice produced, although the voice images get recalculated when I make changes. Am I doing something wrong? I am selecting one of my tracks in the editor, and use the tools on the curves. But again. that seems to have no effect.

Is that perhaps an Eleanor light restriction?

Can you take a screenshot to see how you use the tool?
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Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay. Here you see an example. The audio waveform seems to indicate that the desired processing has happened, but the effect on the audio is not what the waveform suggests…

The curve you see here is a loudness curve from -12 to 12db

From the screenshot, we can see that SynthV’s rendering system has already processed it. Could it be the cause of DAW?
It is recommended to perform the following operations to check.
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Maybe a video capture, of you recreating the problem? Draw a note from scratch, edit the parameter.