Cubase crashes following update to 1.2.1 (when opening older files)

Hi, I’ve just updated to version 1.2.1 of Synth V Studio Pro.

Now when I open a previous Cubase project that holds Synth V data from the previous version of Synth V, Cubase crashes before the project is opened.

Upon re-starting Cubase I get an error telling me Synth V caused the crash:


For comparison I have opened a brand new Cubase project and saved new Synth V data using v1.2.1 and this saves and reopens fine. It is only upon re-opening projects created using the earlier version that Cubase crashes out.

Grateful for any help.

Edit: I’ve also sent the .dmp file to Steinberg to see if they can identify the error.


Just a quick note to say version 1.2.2 has fixed this in my set-up - all my older projects now open up fine, and all the SynthV data is available again.

This is fantastic - thank you! :smiley: