Feature Request: Behavior of Groups

Some issues with groups:

  1. If a note in a group is extended back in time, the highlight indicating the group range is extended backwards. But if a note in the group is extended forward, the highlight is not extended forward.

  2. [REDACTED: Groups names can be edited via the Group panel] Naming groups is not supported. Being able to name a group “Verse 1” or “Chorus” would be helpful.

  3. Groups are auto-named based on the initial note lyrics, but changing the note lyric does not alter the group name.

EDIT Since #2 is redacted, this is not a major issue.

  1. Clicking on a note outside the group doesn’t select a note, but double clicking the note does. On the other hand, double clicking outside the group doesn’t exit the group. This feels inconsistent.

  2. There’s no graphical indication of the extent of a group - only the position of the beginning of the group marker. Obviously, being able to overlap groups makes this a difficult thing to display.