Kotonoha Sisters software installation

i buyed the kotonoha voicebank and they are on mail
but my notebook don’t have a dvd/disc reader
it is possible/how can i contact the suport to ask for the digital instalator?
i already buy them, but i can’t install them because i can’t read the dvd
can some one help me ?
how can i contact the suport?

AHS has an after-sales consultation page, but you need to create an account and register a sound library.
The page is in Japanese, but I guess it’s okay to fill in English?
(The screenshot text uses machine translation)

【Create Account】

【Register sound library】

【After-sales consultation】

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External USB DVD drives can be had for next to nothing.
Just order up, or go buy one locally if possible, and you’ll be good to go now and (maybe) in the future.

where i am only mail and extreme need service are working
so…buy is not a option at this moment

when i register my library on the oficial site they can help me ?

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am…i can’t register on AHS site, i not from japan, i’m from brasil…

I am not in Japan too, I filled in my address and completed the registration.
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