Script to Automatically Create Parameter Curves

I’ve created a script that creates parameter curves for selected notes:

For each note, it creates a curve “anchor” point at the start and end of the note, and then inserts a control point between the two. You can then manually adjust the parameters dragging a single control point. To do this, you’ll need to use the pointer tool in the parameter pane, not the pencil tool.

Control points are created for the following parameters:

  • Loudness
  • Tension
  • Breathiness
  • Gender

The default values are controlled by sliders in the dialog, with Expression to globally scale the values. There’s also a “jitter” option to randomize the control point values.

The script pays attention to where a syllable falls into a word, as well as if it’s at the start or end of the phrase in setting parameters.

Gender is assumed to be used as a way to color the timbre of the note.

Note: You can set parameters to go opposite of the default direction. This may make sense, for example, if you want the Gender parameter to make the voice brighter instead of darker.


It feels good! I have bookmarked it, thank you for your script!
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You are a HERO!

So happy to see people making scripts!