How do I buy SynthV + Saki AI overseas?


I was about to purchase SynthV + Saki AI and cannot find the right way to do it.

My first thought, since I still don’t own any of the products, was to get the Starter Pack that is mentioned in the dreamtonics website, so I followed the recommendation on their website as an overseas buyer and went to AHS just to find the site isn’t in english at all - they say literally that the checkout is well supported in English on the website, but I couldn’t find any translation at all so I decided to translate the website using google translator.

I was happy that I could understand everything and was ready to order the Starter Pack, that includes SynthV Pro + one code for one of the voice banks, but when I started the registration process they asked me for a list of mandatory data, amongst a telefon number and in a format that directly doesn’t match my telefon number since I don’t live in Japan and we have different digits formats over here…

I dismissed it because it was already pretty annoying getting to that point and found out that I can also purchase from anycute, a website that at least has some translations to their content, but unfortunately they don’t offer the starter pack and they don’t even offer Saki AI but the regular Saki voice bank.

Somebody told me that if I own Saki voice bank I can upgrade for free, but I’m not sure this applies for purchases done now, where Saki AI is already available and considering how hard is already to do a regular purchase the last thing I want is making the wrong purchase and try to solve any possible issues if things doesn’t work.

I guess some of you have already purchased SynthV Pro and Saki AI voice bank from overseas, which way would you choose to get this whole package from overseas and avoid problems?

Thanks in advance, any help would be very welcome :slight_smile:

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I bought SynthV + Saki from AniCute, and upgraded to Saki AI for free during that period. My credit card company was suspicious of Anicute, so I just needed to clear it with them.

I bought Rikka AI from AHS.

Both were very straight-forward, just pick one! I’m not sure what’s going on with the Saki AI upgrade deal, maybe you can research that, or maybe someone here knows.

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Hi, thanks all for the hints, I finally purchased SynthV Pro and Saki over Anicute then upgraded to Saki AI over Dreamtonics and now I’m ready to go, it was a little bit of work but I’m glad I can start making songs with Saki AI now, thanks again :slight_smile: