Note:getAttributes() doesn't work properly for alt and dur when values are at defaults (Lua)

When scripting in Lua:

  • An empty table is returned from Note:getAttributes() for alt and dur when all the values are at default. It should instead return a table filled with default values. It works correctly if any of the values are not default.

  • Edge case - the above also works properly for cases where the values have been changed and then returned back to default values. But I suspect that’s because setting alt and dur to default values stores the actual value, instead of setting the value to null.

  • Note:getPhonemes() returns an empty string instead of a space delimited string of phonemes.

  • Note Properties panel is not refreshed after script completes. It should refresh to show the new values for the currently selected note, if they have been changed.

  • When changing Lyrics, the prior alt and dur values are retained. The alt and dur values should be reset back to default values.