【Eleanor Forte (Lite)】Disillusioned/Umitagari – うみたがり (English cover) 【SynthV】

My first video yay!!! I’m really happy with the way this cover turned out! I had a lot of fun messing around with the tension/breathiness parameters in SynthV to make Eleanor sound all whispery like in the original. The translyrics for this one were literally hell to write though. The original song is SUPER vague and convoluted, so I did the best I could to have it make at least some sense in English while still rhyming (despite being heavily influenced by my personal interpretation of the song). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my first cover, and stay tuned for more coming soon!

(DISCLAIMER: Yes I am aware the mixing is messed up so you’ll probably have to turn your volume up a bit to hear it. Sorry about that!)

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Thank you for your creation, wish your next work will be better!
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