MIDI Import Creates Notes With Duration of Zero

I used the MIDI import function to import a melody into SynthV

When I moved notes, they would deactivate, indicating they overlapped other notes. However, I couldn’t see any notes that were overlapping, no matter how much I zoomed in.

Using the tab key in Lyric Edit mode, I was able to “see” it move from a visible note, then several invisible notes, and then to the next note.

Because the notes were “invisible”, they could note be selected by the “lasso” mouse operation. And because there were about 4 “invisible” notes per “visible” note, it was impractical to remove them manually via the tab and delete key.

I ended up writing a Lua script to remove the notes of zero/small duration.

Perhaps there should be a check in the MIDI import for a minimum duration for generated notes.


I also got this problem.
Solution is similar to yours:

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