Eleanor Forte sings "All At Once" (Synth V Cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEae5fKlExs

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Nice! Great expression. I’d slow some of the vibrato, and smooth some of the transitions.

Well done, thank you for your creation!
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As bellerandre mentioned, when the vibrato kicks in immediately at full strength, it starts sounding automatic instead expressive. Lengthening the onset, and reducing the depth, will make it more dramatic and effective when you do choose to go full power. That should be reserved for key places in the song.

There are a number of places that the /ow/ phonemes that sound like /aa/, like:

  • only love I’d known
  • face it all alone
  • drifting on a lonely sea
  • than it shows

If you’ve got the Studio version, you might consider looking at alternate phonemes. I’ve found that changing the phoneme that precedes the one you want to change is more effective than changing the actual phoneme that needs to change.

Again, nicely done! I enjoyed several listens. :slight_smile:

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