Rabbvolution ft. AiKO (艾可) - Let Me Go

Hello, I made a song featuring AiKO. It is not mastered that well, but it would be nice, if you could tell me your opinions. In the future I want to make songs, where she sings more, some are already “being composed”. Really love her voice.



I bet you could do better with some of the words pronunciation. Some of it is sooo good, but “love” usually sounds way off. Also, the words don’t have to be so metronomic.

The composition is soooo good. Awesome song. Synths sound great. Drums could be better. And yes, overall the mixing could hit harder - but it’s not bad, it’s really enjoyable to listen to.

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Thank you for your creation~
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It’s a nice song with pleasant vocals, but… the lyric sounds something like this to me:

I gno save me
I can’t take this any mow
I someone he vis learn
Encore love it’ll bay blee
So funded me
And please
Let me go”

But if you’re happy with it… :partying_face:

Thanks for sharing!

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Good to know how it sounds to other people, I will try to improve that in the future :slight_smile: