Saki and Rikka's Expression Groups?

I’ve been strongly considering on buying either Rikka or Saki. There are thing I prefer about Saki such as her mature voice, but Rikka seems to be more versatile for the kinds of things I like to do. Whoever I buy depends on their expression groups. Does anyone have any samples of them? No songs or anything, just some regular, simple samples of their different expressions?

I don’t have any experience with any other synths other than UTAU, this will be my first ever vocal synth purchase. Renri in the old version of Synth V’s expression groups were really useful and that’s all I have to base my knowledge off of. I’m guessing Rikka and Saki’s expression groups help as much but how much do they help?

I prefer stronger voices and Rikka sounds a bit stronger than Saki, at least referencing the Lite versions.

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Unless necessary, I generally choose to change the tension parameter to achieve vocal expression.

Saki (Standard): G#3 / C4 / F4 / B4
Koharu Rikka (Standard): C4 / E4 / G#4 / B4

AI viocebanks do not have this property and can achieve a similar effect by changing the Tone Shift parameter (require SV Studio Pro version).
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Maybe our styles/workflows are just different, but I find the parameters to be SO much more important than expression groups.

I say, just listen to as many recordings you can of each, to decide which to buy.

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