Aiko Resources (Background illusts, Japanese->Chinese dict, singer presets etc)


I really adore Aiko and have been using her a lot since her Studio release. I made a Chinese-Japanese dictionary, as well as 7 full-body illustrations of outfits she has worn in the last (almost) 9 years! They all use the same base, and I intend to add around 18 more. They’re in the right format for use in videos and as a background and profile icons for SynthesizerV Studio.

Here’s the download folder (with an ico to make the folder cute too!).

I’ll update with more images and more dictionaries as time goes by! I’m making an English dictionary slowly but surely and want to make more illustrations. I really want to encourage people to use Aiko! ;w; Feel free to use all the images non-commercially as long as you credit to Pigeon/VocaPigeon!

(Some of you may have seen all this on other platforms already, sorry!)


You’re awesome! Thank you so much for doing this!
(Translate with translator)


Thank you!! You’re awesome too :smiley:


thank you! i really needed this! i’ll be sure to credit you if i make anything using aiko and this new dict! <3

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Aaaaaa awesome! tysm!!