How do I activate Pro?

I just bought a Pro license from ANiCUTE (or Animen, whichever) and I haven’t received my activation code yet. As I was waiting, I tried to see where I could activate my code in the program and saw that there was no way to do that. Checked everywhere, searched online, got absolutely nothing.
I’m considering requesting a refund unless there is a way to activate and I receive my code.

There was roughly a 9 hour delay between getting an email from ANiCUTE saying my status was Paid and getting an email saying the status was Dispatched, with a code arriving immediately after that.

Given that we are used to immediate delivery on electronic purchases, this delay was unexpected. I was starting to write an email to see if there was an issue with the purchase when the code finally arrived.

If you’ve “just bought” a Pro license, I suspect you can expect a similar delay.

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