Feature Request: Scaleable UI / text

The software would be much easier for me to use if I had the ability to scale the user interface. This was a feature in the 1st gen editor but seems to be absent from SynthV Studio.

Additional settings that could be useful in conjunction with global UI scaling would be

  • Vertical zoom on the piano roll
  • Text scaling

Yep, I think the 1st gen editor is easier to use and the voice 1st gen output is more humanized. Besides, text is really minute.


+1 I agree.

I would also like a higher-contrast display. It’s very hard to play notes in the right place on the piano roll, and on a MacBook sitting outside in the sunshine it’s impossible.


Yes, this is a much needed feature as I struggle to read anything with my big display.
The low contrast UI also doesn’t help, I have good eyesight but I often need to squint and get closer to the screen in order to see anything in the program.


Also, I hope we can select a different font for the user interface.


Might as well!

+1, on my 14 inch laptop screen, the font size is too small. It seems only 8X8. Oh my eyes!!

Please adjust the color contrast as well.

Really simple things - like being able to see the barlines - is made very difficult.

You’ve made the UI much harder to use. Sure, there’s more features, but for basic things like aligning notes, or even being able to see typos in lyrics, it’s much harder than it was before.

I enjoy the results of the editor, but find it’s painful to use. And there’s no reason why it should be this hard to see what I’m doing.

It’s even hard to tell the difference between notes that are not selected vs. notes that are deactivated because they’re overlapping.

Please - at least have themes that are higher contrast, so I can see what I’m doing.


+1. And I’m eager a higher contrast skin.
This looking is so cool off cource, but it’s quite a colorblind killer one.


Interface scaling available with version 1.6.0, goes up to 150%!


By modifying the interfaceScalingFactor in settings.xml, the interface can be scaled to any arbitrary amount. Eg. 0.8 for 80%, 3.2 for 320% scaling.

You can find settings.xml in the SynthV user data directory. Usually in your user folder:

%userprofile%\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\settings


C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\settings

What value to change:


i carelessly created another thread though, i also need these feature.