Feature Request: Scaleable UI / text

The software would be much easier for me to use if I had the ability to scale the user interface. This was a feature in the 1st gen editor but seems to be absent from SynthV Studio.

Additional settings that could be useful in conjunction with global UI scaling would be

  • Vertical zoom on the piano roll
  • Text scaling

Yep, I think the 1st gen editor is easier to use and the voice 1st gen output is more humanized. Besides, text is really minute.


+1 I agree.

I would also like a higher-contrast display. It’s very hard to play notes in the right place on the piano roll, and on a MacBook sitting outside in the sunshine it’s impossible.


Yes, this is a much needed feature as I struggle to read anything with my big display.
The low contrast UI also doesn’t help, I have good eyesight but I often need to squint and get closer to the screen in order to see anything in the program.


Also, I hope we can select a different font for the user interface.

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Might as well!