【Eleanor Forte (Lite)】Disillusioned/Umitagari – うみたがり (English cover) 【SynthV】**REMASTERED**

I fixed the mixing on my Umitagari cover to make it louder and added in some more breath sounds! Hope it sounds better lol

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Nice cover! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure the breaths were an improvement - since they weren’t centered with the vocal, they seemed disconnected from the vocal.

Thanks for posting!

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Thank you for your feedback! Do you have any suggestions for how I can make the breaths sound less disconnected from the vocals? I don’t really understand what you mean when you say that the breaths aren’t “centered” with the vocals. If it’s not too much trouble, could you briefly explain what that means, what I did wrong, and how I can fix it? It would help a lot

By “centered”, I’m referring to the position the in stereo field. For example, “left” would mean that the sound appears primarily on the left side, “right” is the right side, and “center” means that it appear equally in the left and right sides.

Starting at 0:29, I hear the breath sounds on my right side, while the vocals are panned to the center. So it sounds like there is a singer in front of me, and someone taking short breaths in my right ear.

That’s why I mean by “disconnected” - they are located in two different positions in the stereo field, so they sound like they are two different things.

The breaths are too loud, so they sound like the singer is gasping for air rather than breathing normally. Even if the breaths are removed in post production, a singer is generally going to make some effort to minimize the sound of their breath.

Finally, they don’t sound like natural breaths. A real singer isn’t going to need to take those many breaths - even with the gap in time between

“Our gazes meet/why can’t you see”

They’re going to have enough air to make it through to the word “see” without needing to take a breath.


  • Position the breaths in the same stereo position as the singer;
  • Make the breaths quieter, and
  • Place them where a singer would breath, not at every punctuation point

The goal is to make the breaths discreet and natural, to help create the illusion that there’s a real singer there. So you need to be more subtle in using the breath sound.

Did that answer the question?

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Yes, you answered my question very nicely! :blush:

Now that you’ve pointed it out, I’m noticing that the breaths do sound like they’re coming from a different source than the singer, which is pretty… strange-sounding.

I honestly don’t know why the breaths ended up not being centered, since I didn’t do any editing to the stereo field that would’ve caused them to shift to the right side. If I have this problem again, I can probably center the breaths in Audacity afterwards or something.

I’ll also try not to overdo it with the breaths next time (by making them quieter and less frequent) because she does sound pretty winded in this cover. I definitely don’t want Ellie to sound like she’s struggling to catch her breath after singing like 5 words :joy:

Thank you for the advice. This will be very helpful for my future covers!

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Thank you for your creation and wish you will be better next time~
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