editor/light-version-voicebank compatibility issue

So, I just bought the pro version of SynthV Studio, wanting to use it in conjunction with Ableton Live, but ran into a peculiar problem.
When loading it up for the first time, everything worked perfectly, except for one little problem: (Out of the 4 I had installed,) I could use all light-version-voicebanks, except Saki. So I tried reinstalling it, which didn’t work, because “This package requires the latest version of Synthesizer V studio”. Well well, did I think to myself, I’m pretty sure there was only one install option for windows, but I might as well check, just to be sure. I had the latest (pro) version available (and the only one, mind you).
As it turns out, the light version of Synthesizer V Studio is currently on version 1.2.2, while the pro version is on 1.0.8.
Now, I am not sure whether this actually caused the problem, but after trying out multiple light-version-voicebanks, it appears that on the pro version I can only install some voicebanks, those work without fault, however.

I am unsure, whether I am just being an idiot or I have stumbled into a serious compatibility issue…

I hope this wasn’t too rambly, it was my first time writing a forum post ;D

PS As of right now, I have been able to install the voicebanks AiKO (Lite), Eleanor Forte (Lite), GENBU (Lite), Saki (Light) and Saki AI (Lite), the last one does not appear to be working though.
I have been completely unable to install either version of Rikka.
(This holds true whether the programme is used in VSTi format or not.)

Hi there! The latest version of SynthV Studio Pro is 1.2.2.

I would recommend updating through the “License and updates” panel in the editor using the “Check for Updates” button. Once the check detects a new update is available, select the editor from the top of the list and click “Update” at the bottom of the panel.


Thank you very much, I did see the “Update” button before, but somehow overlooked the “Check For Updates” one.
:man_shrugging: I am going to update right now but it may take a while because I will probably have to save and close my current project which is getting way too big…

Everything seems to be working perfeclty fine now! Thank you again :smiley:

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