Synthesizer V Studio Version 1.2.2 Stability Issues


As of the most recent edition of Synthesizer V Studio Pro (1.2.2), I’m experiencing major stability issues with the program. These issues were not present before the last update to the program. Most noticeably, the program often crashes while doing tasks (moving notes, adding pitch points, editing parameters).

Other issues I’m having that aren’t related to stability, include errors within switching voicebanks. The voicebank will begin to re-render the track, but will stop partially through and switch back to the last selected voicebank,

The last issue I’m experiencing is relating to drawing pitch points on the piano roll. Often, while placing points or moving them around, a new note will be drawn somewhere in the piano roll, even if the note toll is not selected.

Thank you, I’m really excited for the future of Synthesizer V :slight_smile: