Random Permanent Changes to Parameters?

I’ve spent the last few days working on this project. I started on the basic editor but updated to the pro editor today, and noticed after that there were some random changes that I couldn’t explain, like notes seeming to be louder than usual, or some parts being unvoiced, despite the parameter editor not showing any. In the image above, there’s a spot in the middle where it’s completely unvoiced, and I can’t explain it. You can see it again towards the right with the “a” sound.

I’m using Saki AI on Synthesizer V Pro Studio Pro 1.2.2. Any help would be really appreciated.

I’ve had issues with SynthV where the vocals wouldn’t regenerate properly, with glitches similar to what you’ve seen there.

My solution was to swap out the voicebank with another - it doesn’t matter which, or even if it’s the same language - and then swap it back to the original voice again.