Is there a work around for receiving glottal effects in Synth V Studio Basic?

After some time in Synthesizer V Studio Basic, I came to the conclusion that it was missing the glottal effects panel as the old one had. After looking around for a while, it seems like a future update may come soon in order to add it! In the meantime, however, is there a way to achieve a growl in the editor, or even a DAW? I use Bandlab’s online editor for a DAW but I am not very good at utilizing it. Thank you!

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Try a REALLY fast parameter line. On vibrato or pitch. I think that’s the best we have right now.


Thank you very much! I’ll try that. It means a lot that you’d respond to me within such short notice. Again, thank you! <3

like said above, you can try making parameters go up and down really fast. i use pitch deviation + breathiness when doing this :slight_smile:

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The workaround that I’ve found works best is to use the VST plugin of Piapro NT’s Voice Drive in a DAW. It sounds really nice and cuts out a bunch of time from trying to finesse the parameter lines.

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Everyone, thank you for your comments! I’ll try and put them to use in my future covers! Love you all <3