Crash on selecting export destination (1.2.4)

When choosing a destination to export the audio to, Synthesizer V Studio Pro (I’m currently on the newest update, 1.2.4) will suspend indefinitely, and the process must be killed. This issue occurs a majority of the time, however sometimes I am still able to export. This issue is occurring with every bank I’ve tested (All of Maki’s Lite banks, and Genbu).

Thank you


I am having the same issue with Synthesizer V Studio Basic 1.2.4 using Eleanor Lite and haven’t been able to find a fix yet.

The latest version is 1.2.6. Make sure to check for updates via the “License and Updates” panel.


Mine just updated to 1.2.4 and won’t update past that. Could it be a Mac/PC thing? (I’m on a Mac)