Eleanor Forte - "The Skies Of Kakadu" (Original Song)

Living in Australia during the pandemic means closed international borders, and not being able to travel overseas for some time. But it has given me an opportunity to explore Australian destinations and discover more of my own country.

Earlier this year I spent some time in Australia’s Northern Territory and the Kakadu National Park. It is an amazing and beautiful place, and it has inspired me to write this song.

I hope you like it.




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I love this song, thank you for creating it~

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Sounds great! Nice work.

btw, if you’re interested in more feedback let me know. I’m been looking for folks to co-critique composition.

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I really enjoyed this, great job!

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Thanks for listening! :blush:

This is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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This one’s well done (and I say that as someone that’s not a fan of Elly), but I’m really digging the one that followed.

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Thanks for listening all! :blush: