Kotonoha Lite and Full Phoneme Bug and sound problem

i want to put here somo Kotonoha Lite and Full voicebank bugs
when i use the phoneme “ga ge gi go gu”
it use the voice record “ma me mi mo mu”
and some times its even don’t play at all
and the phoneme “fya fye fyo fyu” sometimes just ignore the “fy” and just play the vogal
i’m having some problems with this in expecific “ga,go,fyu”
specialy to make other language and more slow songs in japanese, and a fast song cover
and i was doing a original with synth V and vocaloid
and optated to use just vocaloid because of this bug because they was to much unclear for the words in specific
i hope some one can help me
Kotonoha Lite
Kotonoha Full
*not tested on any of maki voicebanks
*rukka is fine and works perfect, but i only have the lite version of her, and trust on a friend feedback ho have her

How are you entering the phonemes? This works just fine for me using both romanji and hiragana.


As for “fya” “fyu” and “fyo”, I could be mistaken because my Japanese study is still basic, but I don’t believe those phonemes exist.

You can still take this approach but it sounds a bit stilted. Note the timings of each phoneme, consonants like “f” tend to lead into the note and so if you start the playhead directly on the start of the note you’ll skip them.

If you are still having issues please include screenshots and/or video of the issue.

when they are on phrases or in others
like put ga and something close
will sound buggy

also the
are extra phonemes
not common ones
maybe the ts line
but the others are not so “commum”
even on utau/vocaloid we call them extra phonemes
but they still there, and usable, and in this case, is like, separated they work
but with something with they not
bakya (the kya sound like…bya or just ba)
something like that
in some pitchs

Again, how are you entering these? Are you entering lyrics and letting the dictionary translate them, or entering phonemes directly?

Please also provide a screenshot of the problematic notes.

In these cases try using the “gw” phoneme instead of “g”.

You can change this in a custom dictionary to avoid manual correction every time.

Of the sounds you listed, “fy” are “tz” are not valid phonemes. It’s not a bug, these phonemes simply do not exist in Japanese SynthV. You can still create that sound with “f y” and “t z” as stated above.

Below is a full list of all valid romanji phonemes. Many of the sounds you’re listing are actually two phonemes (for example, “gya” is “gy a”).

a vowel
i vowel
u vowel
e vowel
o vowel
N vowel
cl stop
t stop
d stop
s fricative
sh fricative
j affricate
z affricate
ts affricate
k stop
kw stop
g stop
gw stop
h aspirate
b stop
p stop
f fricative
ch affricate
ry liquid
ky stop
py stop
dy stop
ty stop
ny nasal
hy aspirate
my nasal
gy stop
by stop
n nasal
m nasal
r liquid
w semivowel
v semivowel
y semivowel
pau silence
sil silence