Issues with Maki English's consonant clusters (?)

Um…is this normal? It stretches the [k] and [r] phonemes across the note. But she has a phoneme for [tr]…i’m just wondering if this is just a me problem or a general problem amongst other users? I had to create a note to manually add this in rather than it being an automatic thing. I’m not very familiar with Synth V.

I have the same problem. What I do is adjust the [k] and [r] phonemes to 20%, and the [ay] to 180% in the Duration setting under Timing and Phonemes. That seems to help, though she still sounds weird.

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What synthvoice says (adjusting the duration) is how I usually tackle this problem. But sometimes you need further massaging. For a long “cry” or other word with that consonant combo, I will split the note. (I think that’s what you’re saying, too?) Have the first note be short and manually change the phoneme to just k r. Then the second note, put in “eye” or manually change the phoneme to ay. Doing this will allow the k and r syllable to be shorter than if you just did it with the duration adjustment and “cry” will sound normal.